Wisdom Teeth Removal in Delson

Wisdom teeth removal is a dental procedure involving the extraction of the third molars at the back of the mouth. These teeth usually emerge in the late teenage years or early adulthood and often cause discomfort, crowding of teeth, and risk of infections, particularly when the teeth don’t have enough room to grow normally. 

If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, swelling, or infection around your wisdom teeth, it’s worth considering an extraction. The cost of a wisdom tooth extraction varies, depending on the complexity of the extraction and anesthesia options.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Prices

According to the Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Québec, a wisdom tooth extraction in Quebec costs between $180 to $385. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the extraction, anesthesia options, and insurance coverage.

What To Expect During a Wisdom Tooth Removal

Before surgery, your dentist will address any questions or concerns and provide instructions on how to prepare for surgery. The surgery usually involves an anesthesia injection to numb the operated area, followed by tooth extraction. Post-extraction, stitches may be applied for proper healing, which dissolves within a week. The whole procedure usually takes around 20 to 45 minutes. However, complications and deep-rooted wisdom tooth extractions may require more time.

Dental procedures, particularly oral surgery, can cause anxiety. If you are worried about the process, sedation dentistry could be an option. Family dentistry clinics usually offer mild to moderate sedation. If you have any concerns, be sure to ask your dentist about sedation options and what would work best for you.

Healing and Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It is important to follow certain post-operative instructions to ensure a quick and painless healing process following wisdom teeth extraction. While the procedure may cause discomfort and swelling, taking care of your oral hygiene and paying careful attention to what you eat may reduce your recovery time.

What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

After removing your wisdom teeth, focusing on your nutrition is crucial. You should eat foods that are soft and easy to digest, as chewing may cause discomfort and pain. Some examples of suitable foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal are:

  • Smoothies
  • Warm blended soup
  • Yogurt
  • Pudding
  • Mashed potato
  • Apple sauce
  • Fruit puree

What Not to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Avoiding certain foods is just as important as knowing what to eat after wisdom teeth extraction. Some foods may be difficult or painful to chew, causing further discomfort or disrupting healing. Here are some of the things to avoid:

  • Hard Foods
  • Hot Foods
  • Spicy Foods
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

The Risks of Postponing Wisdom Teeth Removal

Delaying wisdom teeth removal can lead to several risks and complications that may significantly impact your oral health and overall well-being. 

One of the most common risks of delaying wisdom teeth removal is the development of gum disease. Wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth and are difficult to brush and floss properly. If left untreated, this may cause plaque and bacteria buildup, which can cause gum inflammation and even decay in neighboring teeth. 

Another risk of delaying wisdom teeth removal is the development of cysts and infections. Wisdom teeth that are impacted or partially erupted can create pockets of space where bacteria can grow, leading to cysts or infections. These can be very painful and may require additional treatment to resolve. 

Overall, the risks of delaying wisdom teeth removal far outweigh the benefits. By seeking treatment as soon as possible, you can avoid these potential complications and protect your oral health for years to come. 

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